Evernote Highlights is an iPhone app that allows you to organize all your Evernote stuff in an agile and enjoyable way, just with a finger swipe!

As you know you are always capturing all kinds of relevant stuff with Evernote. Then time goes by and you have a lot of information you need in total disorder. So now it's time to organize.

Just open Evernote Highlights, select one of your Evernote notebooks, and start highlighting all your relevant notes, dragging them to any side of your iPhone... with a finger swipe!

You can:

  • tag your notes as important or urgent (you'll see them highlighted)

  • delete things you don't want

  • untag a note

  • just pass the note and decide later

Obviously you'll see all your tagged notes organized in your Evernote web and desktop app.

Once you finish organizing your notebook, everything is synchronized back to your Evernote account, so you'll find all your tagged notes organized and searchable on Evernote's website, or in its desktop or mobile clients.

Organize your Evernote experience with a finger swipe in EVERNOTE HIGHLIGHTS

Easy, enjoyable, fast and AGILE!

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