The Evernote app for HootSuite provides two separate and distinct use cases, for creating, managing and sharing Evernote content from within the HootSuite social media management dashboard. The primary uses cases are:

1) App Plugin: Evernote users can simply and easily create notes from social media content contained in streams within the HootSuite dashboard. By selecting an the option to "Create Note" from an individual message in any Twitter or Facebook stream, the user can create a note and edit the note during the creation process. Specifically, the user can: select the notebook to add the note to, add title, description, tags, comments and more. For Twitter messages, conversation history is included in the note -- for Facebook posts, comment history is included in the note.

2) App Stream: Evernote users can bring in a stream of all the notes in their Evernote account. This allows the user to do a number of things, including the ability to view, edit, and delete notes, as well as share individual notes to the social networks the user has added to HootSuite (some HootSuite customers have 100+ social profiles in HootSuite -- the app allows them to share notes to multiple social profiles with just a couple simple clicks).

The Evernote app for HootSuite provides an elegant way to create notes in Evernote from social content, view and edit this content, and share content to social networks in HootSuite, essentially bringing new social media functionality to the Evernote system.

NOTE: this app is not currently released to the public -- judges will need to have the app manually installed to their HootSuite accounts. Email addresses for those HootSuite accounts will need to be provided (once installed, the app is immediately accessible in production HootSuite).

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