Tinder is great for finding friends and partners, but volunteering doesn't have a tool like that. Volunteering requires in many cases a "middle man" organisation that connects those in need with those who are willing/able to help.

Our idea is simple - bring back the village mentality where people help their neighbours and get helped back. Nowadays we don't even know the name of our neighbours not to mention helping them.

What it does

We wanted to create a hyper local (radius of 1km-3km) Tinder like app that can connect people needing help quickly with people who are willing to help. You can also switch your role from somebody needing help to somebody wanting help in an instant, because our needs change depending on the situation.

Our application allows people to sing-up using Facebook instantly and ask for help or offer help to those in need. You also decide when your profile is visible and for how long (as with Tinder) so you're in control.

You're also not visible to people beyond radius of 3km so only people near by can see you.

Only basic information about you is visible to others and they have to ask to see your contact details. We also have a chat so you start talking about practicalities without need of sharing your contact details (if you don't want to).

How I built it

It's progressive web app (PWA) that works similar to native app, but doesn't require traditional installation. This means it works in any Android or iOS device and doesn't require space, can't steal your information and has no negative impact on your battery.

On front-end there is a VueJS based front-end and on backend there is Java + MongoDB combo.

Challenges I ran into

Location tracking is not working as well in PWA once application is not active. Sending notifications via PWA is very hard and close to impossible. PWA applications are almost first class citizens in Android, while being 3rd class citizens on iOS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's highly scalable and functioning tool that I hope will help many people if we get a little bit of funding.

What I learned

PWA applications are far from native apps, but it's getting closer every day. People are tired of installing countless mobile apps and worrying about battery, privacy and constant updates.

What's next for Everneed

If we get a little bit of support, we'll be able to publish our tool and grow it to help as many communities as possible.

In many countries people lack access to computers, but smartphones are available at very affordable prices. We want to empower those who want to help so they can help as many people near by as possible.

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