I played basketball at UCLA for four years and as a pro in Europe for another four. This was an opportunity to live my dream—but it required a lot time away from my younger brother. He loves sport, but how can I teach and coach him from across the Atlantic? What about other kids without any guidance and can't afford to pay for a trainer or coach? This is the problem that inspired EVE: how can I help my brother to one day live his dreams?

Pain point

People that use active sports and fitness training programs are confined to the space in front of their screen--big or small. Aspiring athletes don't develop functional skills this way. And everyday people interested in health and wellness quickly lose interest in the awkward dance around their laptop screen. On the other hand, personal trainers for both sport and fitness are expensive and demand big-time commitments.


EVE software adds virtual players, competitors, or instructors to the real world with the Epson Moverio. The athlete always has a clear view of his surroundings, so that he can train with a coach in the park, in the backyard, on the local courts, or wherever he wants. This is ideal for the fundamental skills training that youth athletes lack.

We developed a prototype on the Moverio for basketball training, but EVE will tackle all sorts of sports and fitness activities. Young quarterbacks will be able to read virtual formations; soccer players can work on their accuracy by hitting virtual targets; and generally busy people can have a training partner to motivate them to get active.


We will lead the "athletic inclusion" movement. That means EVE will deliver our technology to athletes of all levels and interests in order to democratize access to athletic training, physical education, and fitness. We will usher in the next generation of athletes and watch as they raise the standard of health and fitness for us all.

What are we doing now?

Currently, we are improving our demo on the Moverio, as well as rapidly prototyping the experience and business model on both mobile and head-worn platforms. Here are a couple of examples: smart glasses, mobile, SLAM Indoor, SLAM Outdoor.

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