Instructor Client Demo

Student Client Demo


Everedu is a helpful education application. Its objective is to improve the lecture engagement and interaction between instructors and students. Everedu includes a web application for instructors and a mobile application for students.

The main features of this application include

  • Take lecture attendance
  • Pop quiz during the lecture to exam learning effectiveness
  • Reply questions or present through WebRTC
  • A chatting room allowing students asking questions during lecture


Modify following code in js/services/firebase.utils

angular.module('firebase.utils', ['firebase'])
    .constant('FBURL', 'https://everedu.firebaseio.com/')

Set the FBURL to your own Firebase instance

Host the site on Github Page or Firebase Host

Development tools

  • Angularjs for front-end user interaction
  • Ionic for building cross platform mobile application
  • Firebase for backend service

Future Plan

  • Collaboration on course note
  • Save quiz or note to Evernote
  • Discussion Forum



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