"EVERCODE" is a crucial function that is necessary for the growth of Evernote.

The Evernote that exists now, as the name explains, is a notebook that memorizes everything. These are the three key aspects of Evernote.

  • Evernote saves anything
  • Evernote is accessible from anywhere
  • Evernote makes it easy to find information with title and tag search Evernote can be called as the ultimate external memory, or even "alter ego".

However, there is one question that arises. What would happen if your Evernote, the "alter ego", gets stolen by someone?

EVERCODE is an idea that arose from my actual experience. Currently I use many different web services, and these are just only a part of them. Gmail/Googl% Calender/appStore/iTunes/twitter/facebook/Dropbox/youtube/Nico Nico Video/Ustream/amazon/paypal/CookPad/LinkedIn/Yahoo! Auction/Rakuten/zozoTown/bookScan/iKnow/PlayStation3 and so on. Even just with these, there are already more than 15 user accounts, and the number will probably keep on growing. There is one thing similar in the access flow of these web services, and this is major problem. It is the "user account". We all manage our own user accounts to verify ourselves to use these web services. The login information for your PC might be the most familiar example, and is the entrance to all of your important personal information. To memorize all of these user accounts is a troublesome task. That is why I made an "account" tag in Evernote, tagging all of my user account information to manage them.

But at one point, I had suddenly realized, that a horrific situation can be brought about from this. Once my user account information for Evernote is leaked, then the three useful key aspects of Evernote suddenly become a threat. If your Evernote account information is leaked...

  • Evernote saves anything = Evernote allows you to steal anything.
  • Evernote is accessible from anywhere = Evernote allows you to steal from anywhere.
  • Evernote makes it easy to find information with title and tag search = Evernote makes it easy to steal the information with title and tag search.

Basically, your "alter ego" gets stolen. The importance of user account information will rise more and more, where a lot of things can be done online using personal information. At the same time, these accounts are usually defended by ID/PW, a very low security code. We are all living in a world where we always have the risk of being hacked. For hackers and the people who are on the side of stealing information, Evernote is like a treasure box.

That is why Evernote, now that it is so popular, needs to realize the danger that it also has with the security system used now. Recently, SONY had leaked user information in the PlayStation database and had lost the trust of many users. Since Evernote is a person's alter ego, it is expected to have a high-level security compared to other web services. Evernote stacks a lot of important personal information of many people, so if user account information gets leaked, the trust in it will be lost in an instant. This is why we have come up with a procedure to save the security of Evernote.

What kind of key needs to be used to lock the entrance door of Evernote to save the alter ego? This was the mission that we had held.

Now, how do we do it? From here, I will explain the actual procedure.

We call it the "Indiana Jones Procedure". There is one movie titled "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" in the Indiana Jones series. It is about the fight between the ones who defend the secret treasure, and the ones who are looking for it. The secret treasure is guarded by a special algorithm. To open the entrance door to the special treasure, you need to be at a specific place, have a specific object (the crystal skull), and point it at a specific direction. We transformed this procedure and applied it to Evernote.

In order to prevent outsiders from opening the entrance door to the special treasure (Evernote), we piled up layers of codes. Any information on Evernote that you do not want other people to see will only be accessible from a designated location (i.e. your bedroom), when a designated object (i.e. a family picture) is pointed at a camera (image recognition). A,l important notes on Evernote will be encrypted, so even if an outsider gets access to your account, they will not be able to understand what is written. Also, all passwords are set as unique, and the information will only be accessible from your device. This is the Indiana Jones procedure, and this is EVERCODE.

We used a security for a personal user account as an example for this time, but we believe EVERCODE can be used in many different ways. For example, this can also be used for detectives and spies. The information that they handle is top secret and it must be secured. The information that handle directly involves with their business. The data that detectives and spies investigate (photo, video, text, etc.) will be saved whenever, from anywhere, regardless of the size of the data, just like how Evernote has been from before. On top of that, using EVERCODE, they will be able to save those data with high security. Other than detectives and spies, data of research and development groups of companies, and information by government officials, can be saved using EVERCODE.

Evernote will become even more valuable under the high security that EVERCODE will provide.

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