EverClip is the easiest way to collect websites, texts and images to Evernote.

Start EverClip and switch to your favorite apps. Copy any texts and images, EverClip will save these clippings in background.

When you finish your work, return to EverClip. Organize clippings freely and send them to Evernote.

We designed EverClip to simplify our clipping workflow. We hope you'll find it helpful and satisfying as we do!

Give it a try and tell us what you think.

Key Features

  • Save texts and images from any apps by simply copying them
  • Make clippings from website, pdf, documents etc quick and easy
  • Work in background so that you don't have to switch between apps
  • Add your own text notes and pictures
  • Send notes to Evernote
  • Group multiple clippings into one, organize their order with ease
  • Support Tags and Notebooks

For more information, check http://clip.ignition.hk

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