The world is smaller and at your finger tips – All credits to internet. Tons of information is publicly available and easily accessible to all, especially on Social Media channels like FB, Insta, WhatsApp and what not!

However, I see two major issues in this paradigm shift.

Worlds content on the Internet is still created, curated, and distributed in a small sub-set of languages. The asymmetry is skewed in favor of languages of rich, developed nations. About 56% of the internet website content is in English, 10% in Russian followed by French and German content. These are important content like science, economy, business, and world news content. However More than One Billion people speak Mandarin, half a billion speak Hindi followed by Spanish and English. This is creating content, more specifically - "Thought Leadership" bubbles in few languages and many of younger generation in developing nations, who are not fluent in English Language are being deprived of this content. They are either forced to learn English, which is a costly and many times non-affordable affair, or not realize their full potential.

In times like the current Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), this bubble also leads to a lot of rumors, mis-information, misleading directions and potentially leading to harmful outcomes.

Evera is all about bridging this gap and empowering education, knowledge to all - breaking barriers of languages and geography.

What it does

Evera is an Content Aggregator app, much like some of the new aggregator apps out there. There are however, two differences.

1) Evera is a Audio News app. All content, news are easily accessible as Audio News. Evera is NOT a podcast, but a Text-To-Speech version of the textual content available as audio. Curated, Tagged, Personalized and Segmented.

2) Evera is Muti-lingual, supports 30+ languages including Indian dialects like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil , Telugu and more.

So Essentially a blog, news article or a scientific journal written in English and published in US or Europe is now accessible to aspiring school kids in rural India or rural Congo in his/her mother tongue. The English content in its entirety without interpretation by local editors or translators is now available in a matter a few minutes to all.

Authoritative content from trusted sources are now easily accessible by all over world in their native language.

How I built it

Evera app is a simple React Native App. Only Android version available now. iOS app coming soon. The app is easy to use and navigate. Looks and feels like any news, songs aggregator app. The platform is built on AWS leveraging deep-tech ML NLP schemes to compose a human-like audio translations of content in various languages.

Challenges I ran into

Finding a RSS / Live Feed for news was tricky in the beginning. We came across and was quite useful.

Ramping up on AWS infra and leveragin AWS Polly was tricky.

We still need to improve on the tone and quality of speech talk back.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to get this app done in 1-week. We have had this idea for long, but under the circumstances of COVID-19, we wanted to get this done sooner than later.

What I learned

Small things can make a big difference.

What's next for Evera

  • Launching this officially in Product Hunt or some other medium.
  • Going big with live customers
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