Tino Story:

I was a co-lead of Facebook Developer Circle Bandung. We organized tech talks on a monthly basis and every month we went through a lot of challenges finding a decent venue for it. We had to come door to door to ask venue owner the available dates, the spec of their venue, and the price. We wish there is an aggregated database of all the venues in the world where we can just type the venue's spec that we need.

Michael Story:

When I was hosting an Event for an IT Showcase named Colosseum in Bandung. It's really hard to find suitable venue for the showcase because most of the venue not providing the facilities that we need like Wifi, People Capacities, Electricity Socket, and Food & Beverages. So, it's really painful to find the suitable and must contact each venue for the availability date.

Alif Story:

Together with Tino, I was a co-lead of Facebook Developer Circle Bandung. From my experience, it was hard to book a venue because many venues had a hard time giving us a time slot for when the place will be available. Also, it is hard to judge about the quality of the place because I can't find any previous feedback regarding the venue. So every time we hosted a meetup, we always afraid if the community member going to like it or not.

What it does

Evenue connects event organizer with venue owner or agent. In this app, a user can search for a venue with her own specific needs such as capacity and location. The app will give the best recommendation for them, along with the venue availability schedules and pricing. It catalyzes the growth of communities by making the organizer's job easier and at the same time give venue owners discoverability.

Check it yourself!

There are two components of our submission: Android application and Facebook Messenger Bot. You can install the android application by downloading the apk from You can try the bot by adding this page:

How we build it

We leveraged Facebook SDK tools and Facebook OSS to build this social app. We use React Native to make development time much faster and we use Facebook Login SDK to make Facebook users authentication easier. In the future we will integrate VR to enable immersive venue preview.

Challenges we ran into

Two members of our team were a Developer Circle Lead in Indonesia and had become a leader in several other communities. We feel that one of the biggest challenges of community is to find a place to gather, interact, and collaborate.

Currently, searching for a venue for an event is a completely different experience than searching for a hotel. This is very unfortunate because the community will stop growing if they are unable to meet. Often times, a community couldn't afford a big room in a Hotel or coworking space because they only offer a big room with lots of amenities that the community doesn't really need. Fortunately, We found that there are a lot of places like university class, government public room, or coffee shop that could be used to host an event or meetups but the owner didn't know how to reach communities.

Our application focused on connecting communities with a room provider mentioned above. With our application, we hope to solve that problem and allows communities to grow stronger.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In the grand scheme of things we enable more events to happen with better qualities. We help organizers, venue owners, and enthusiasts grow. We help people connect with each other in a meaningful way and we're proud of it.

Technically we're also proud that we've achieved a good UI & UX for easy to use application with users and solution to solve problems in Community

What we learned

There are a lots of community stopped growing because they can't find a cheap and reliable venue to meetups and gathering.

What's next for Evenue

Next, we will implement all of the features of Evenue like Booking Venue on a chosen date, 360 Image VR for showcase the venue and AI to enhance our searching engine.

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