After decades of going to conferences and recreational events, I found myself wasting time trying to locate people in a crowd and attempting to send messages when there is minimal cell and wifi connections indoors. EventWave is our solution to that problem.

"Be found in a crowd"

"EventWave is the first indoor/outdoor friendfinder that can literally walk you up to the people you want to find in any crowded event with built in peer-to-peer messaging."

Uses: Networking, Meetups and Parenting

Networking: Sync your contacts and LinkedIn to meet up with your connections at conferences and seminars. Share why you are at an event and let people with similar interests find you. EventWave helps you bridge the gap between virtual networking and physical networking.

Meetups: Sync your contacts and Facebook to meet up with your friends at concerts, festivals, sport games, the beach or at any crowded event.

Parenting: Track your kids via the EventWave app or get the EventWave wristband and keep your sight on your kids no matter where you happen to be.

EventWave works where GPS-based friend finders do not.

GPS VS EventWave

GPS: Outdoors only EW: Indoor and Outdoor

Use EventWave indoors or outdoors.

GPS: 300+ feet radius accuracy EW: 3+ feet radius accuracy

EventWave accurately brings you face-to-face to anyone, anywhere, no matter the size of the crowd.

GPS: 20mA battery power consumption EW: 0.2mA battery power consumption

EventWave uses a fraction of the battery power of GPS which allows you to use our app without fear of draining your battery.

EventWave messaging works even when WiFi and cell coverage are out of range by using a peer-to-peer intra-bluetooth network.

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