Event Registration, specifically for recruiting events, is broken. Collecting event analytics in a quick efficient method without slowing down the process at the event is virtually impossible.

What it does

Event attendee fills out an online form before a large event (such as a career fair). This form can be tailored by the event organizers, including with a resume upload. Once this is saved on the web form, the user logins with google authentication into their android app, and they are good to go. Once they get to the event, the event host (or recruiter) opens up their version of the app on any android device, and with a tap of device, the recruiter has instant access to their resume and information on their device.

The recruiter also

How we built it

Web app: firebase, node.js Mobile: Android.

Challenges we ran into

NFC was completely new to us. In addition, we had to build three completely different experiences (web,

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building something that works!

What we learned

First time building a node app for some of us. Also learned a lot about git since we ran into version control issues.

What's next for Eventum

Improved analytics, resume noting for recruiters

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