We love good music, great art, and the amazing feel of being part of a community. We hate scalpers and dislike box office fees. We believe the blockchain can make value exchange faster and more universally accessible. It's already disrupted venture capital, wealth storage, and supply chain management. Collectible art and royalty business disruption happened just last year. We believe ticketing will be next.

What it does

  • We're making it easy to buy and sell at face value and commision-free. No more scalping, ever!
  • Our ticket QR codes change every minute and can only be generated by your very own wallet. When you buy a ticket from someone, even on the day of the event, rest assured that you and the event host will know in realtime whether a ticket is real or not!
  • We also make it easy to gift tickets to your friends, while keeping everything transparent and fair to everyone.
  • For sold-out events we offer waiting lists with cryptographically secured lottery ticket assignment. So no need to rush in the middle of the night, crashing your favourite promoter's servers, trying to try to grab that 1 in 10 spot. If it's ment to be, the world will provide.
  • Community-focused, and transparent. With built-in secondary market and tools to prevent sale timing attacks, scalping, ticket cloning, and other acts of bad faith so common on other platforms.
  • Subgraph for data analytics platform, while respecting your guests' privacy by only providing fully transparent blockchain data through The Graph.
  • Tickets are veritable NEP-171 NFT collectibles. Thanks to resilient forever metadata and media storage powered by Crust, your fans continue having access to them even if were to one day become inactive.

How we built it

  • Firebase
  • Quasar
  • other APIs listed here

Challenges we ran into

  • Lots of edge cases lacking documentation or with sample code not 100% accurate.
  • Most of the docs for NEAR smart contracts APIs are for Rust not AS :'(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • My primary goal was to learn AssemblyScript. Check :)
  • Buildable, runnable smart contracts that fully implement NEP-171/177 from scratch (since there was not much NFT-specific code in AS that we could use).
  • A demo product that, we hope, gets our vision across.
  • Got some cool ideas for Tokenomics.

What we learned

  • WASM looks very promising and AssemblyScript is gorgeous. Along Rust, they indeed are promising tech we'll continue to look into.
  • Our beloved Quasar and newly updated Vue.js did not disappoint. We'll continue using them any day over React.

What's next for - Community-focused ticketing platform

  • Implement NEP-181/297 in a native AssemblyScript generic/reusable contract.
  • Extract and publish the lottery, and fixed-price (anti-scalping) marketplace contracts as separate repos.
  • Add tests. Fix bugs. Finish The Graph and IPFS integrations.
  • Most importantly, get resources to continue the build and audit all the above smart contract.

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