Walking down halls in between classes, I find that I barely have enough time to make it to my next class, let alone, having the chance to look at flyers posted on bulletin boards. I just wish there was a way to create an event for a flyer in a SNAP...

What it does

Simple: creates calendar events for a given flyer in a SNAP

How we built it

We used Google's tesseract OCR to convert the image to text and used Python, with its regex library, to find text patterns such as date, time, and location to eventually create the content of the calendar event using a Google API and Google Authentication. To obtain the picture, we built an android app that integrates with to upload a picture through a form, which is sent to our server.

Challenges we ran into

TOO many... Google OAuthentication, No experience with Android Programming, Dropbox OAuthentication, Wifi Stability, did I mention OAuthentication?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Extremely proud of the teamwork displayed by all of us with completely different backgrounds; Overcoming complications and figuring out ways to circumnavigate these problems; Having a lot of fun while building something really cool

What we learned

Coding is tough to do well in a short amount of time. You're faced with design and functionality decisions. Sacrifices have to be made. Everything does not go according to plan, so always have a plan B.

What's next for EventSnap

Adding the ability for any user to use the service; also, augmenting the functionality to add contacts from a business card in a SNAP!

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