Since the theme of the hackathon is about investing in yourself and pushing boundaries, we want to make a tool that would suggest event to users based on their personal tweet and showcase a map of personalized events . Invest your time on expanding your network and your skills by going to meetup or workshop. We wanted to push the boundaries of the user and let them experience something new. The indico API is very useful as well in analyzing text so we can use it for matching tweet and events.

What it does

After the users enter their twitter name, it will show all the events including meetups, networking event, and workshop which are nearby to the users on a Google Map. User can also filter the event based on the keyword generated by Indico API

How we built it

We use Indico API to get the important keyword from user's tweet, then use it to analyze the keyword of the events from Eventbrite. We match the user to an event using the keyword from their tweet and events and display all the nearby events on google map

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of callbacks problems. Eventbrite event api doesn't return the location of the venue, we need to get the venue ID from an event and use the venue ID to get the location of the event

Accomplishments that we're proud of

WE FINISHED OUR HACK :) Learning Express framework for the first time. We believe that this app can help people to find personalized events and encourage them to try new things. We really like the UI/UX as well since we want to keep this app simple to use as our name suggested.

What we learned

We didn't know Indico API is so easy to use and we are definitely going to use it again for our next hackathon. It was also our first time using express js, eventbrite api and Indico api

What's next for EventSimple

User can get matched using the emotion of their tweet and the vibe of the event.

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