Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and frustrated with missing out on so many great USC events, I was inspired to create EventSC. Since coming to college, I've found it difficult to keep up with all of the student organizations and their events. With every student group with their own Facebook page, staying current means having to check many different Facebook pages every day. For groups that I wasn't a part of, I wouldn't even hear about their events until after they were over. My team created EventSC to overcome this problem by creating a single space where all student organizations and students can discover each other. As a proud Trojan, I wanted to create something that would benefit my Trojan family.

Some of the key features that we are most proud of are the personalized feed and the categorization of events. The app enables you to follow groups that you are interested in and creates a customized feed that displays the events that your favorite groups are planning, as well as events that you plan on attending. The sliding sidebar makes it easy for students to see upcoming events and sort them by the type of event.

With EventSC, we hope that students can take full advantage of campus resources and events in a simple and convenient way.

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