Events Stream is a BlackBerry app to access StreetEvents data. It enable users to quickly get to events that they are interested in and act on them from the convenience of their BlackBerry.

The initial view of the app presents a stream of upcoming StreetEvents. Users can scroll through the list to view StreetEvents occurring within the next 24 hours. Clicking on any event displays a page with general event details like duration, times, location and contact details as well as attributes specific to various event types.

Users can search for specific StreetEvents by three parameters: event type, event date and RIC. They can act on events of interest by saving them within the app for easy future access, by adding them to their calendars, or by sending event details via email.

The workflow of Events Stream focuses on StreetEvents-related tasks which would be most convenient for use on a mobile device. The default view enables users to quickly scan all upcoming events within the next 24 hours. The three search criteria are the options that power them to navigate to specific past or upcoming events. The three follow-up actions supported by the app (save, email and calendar) help mobile users to follow up on these events through off-mobile platforms as well.

Using the following TRKD API's:
  • Wall Street Events (StreetEvents)
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