One app for all our events is the idea of this app available on Galaxy Gear and Mobile phones.

These event are automatically synced with Galaxy Gear devices for instant notification and reminders.

Event Bytes is a personal event management application for event goers to manage all events in single app integrated with and along with our own events.( More event sources such as live event, facebook, google events and etc will be added in future) Users can create their own event with modification. Search and add events to event bytes app from popular event resources (, and more is coming) with full offline support. Automatically synchronize registered events from and (sign in required) Event location details with navigation guide by car, walk, bike and public transit using current location or custom address. Connect and disconnect with event sources using secure authentication. Search events with custom filter based on current location, custom address, distance and date range. Settings to turn of location use and connect & disconnect with multiple event sources Automatic calendar synchronization with turn off and on settings

Automatic calendar synchronization with Gear calendar and notification will be provided in next update.

Video of Both Galaxy Host App Gear App Video

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