My team and I are very active in the Silicon Valley startup community, and have access to exclusive events-- my partner has organized conferences such as Launch 2014, and Salesforce Dreamforce. SF Events Club is a way for us to curate these events into one place, (in a future iteration) displayed in 2 tiers: regular and paid. Paid users gain access to the smaller, more intimate events (think: whiskey tasting, and Maroon 5).

We are also connected to a large network of venue owners in SF, and currently connect them with those in the startup community that want to host events (and make a cut). SF Events Club allows these venue bookings to happen on a larger scale.

SF Events Club will start out with technology events in SF, but the vision is to expand to other cities (ie NYEventsClub), and to include exclusive events unrelated to technology, for our Young Urban Professionals target market.

This platform will gain exposure to event goers, event organizers and venue owners.

The domain we aim to purchase will be (,,

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