When I started my study here, I found that I would like to be immersed into local culture and community but I didn't know how to achieve this. I decided that I need access of which information resources that allow me to communicate with the local better. So I'm eager to take part in events and workshops so that I can share my interests and technology with many others. Otherwise, I want to make more friends and in the meantime practice my English. Of course I'm not the only one who feels this way. I know there're many people around us who need more opportunities to attend more activities to enjoy the sunshine and more friendship in their spare time. I sort out those activities. These ideas lead us to design this application.

What it does

It can filter interesting events, limited by certain range of times, places and topics. And all these events will be displayed on a MapView.

How I built it

We focus popular platforms and libraries, such as we make full use of React Native. The versatile components allow us to manipulate every functional models well. And NodeJS and NPM help us solve the dependence and preview the application conveniently.

Challenges I ran into

We had hard time introducing MapView components. When we want to communicate between frontend and backend, we encountered CORS problem. Also additional efforts are needed to improve fluency and efficiency on this application.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We design the container components in order to easily maintain and transfer data and presentational components which don't have to keep the status and have consolidated structure. We did go through a lot of documentation to figure out some new technology and even fix a small bug.

What I learned

The hierarchical organization of components. How to deal with the tight deadline and schedule each tasks according to the priority

What's next for

If time permits we still want to enrich the content of data records of the events to improve the variety of events. It will also be considered to provide personalized recommendation for users. To make this application better fit the event organizers' needs, we will grand permission to them. We also plan rework of the interface of the application more attractive to users.

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