Eventose - Simplified Checkin

Eventose provides a single and simple platform for event organizers and event attendees. There are distinct functionalities available for Event Organizers and Event Attendees.

Event Organizers

  • Create events
  • See analytics on our web portal
  • Enjoy a simplified check-in process.

Event Attendees

  • Check in right on your smartphone
  • See a realtime updated event list near you.

How does Eventose work? Eventose uses Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to allow event attenders to check in to events within a 40 meter radius conveniently and easily. Organizers create events on our web portal or Android app with the ID of the beacon and then are ready to broadcast their event. App users can see which event is going on nearby and quickly check in. Estimate beacons allow for a seamless event registration process and will be an integral part of the future of event organization.

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