There is a great variety of events that involve local communities, however, not all people have been aware of the existence of such events, so it is a question of solving this problem, creating a specific application to show the events of our interest that develops in our cities and connects the developers.

That makes

Facilitate the search of technological events in their cities.

How I built it

Creating a web application using html, css, javascript and the Facebook SDK, together with other frameworks.

Challenges I came across

Disintegration of the team. No previous experience working with the Facebook SDK. No previous knowledge of Facebook Graph. Little time available due to my studies and work. Not own own computer.

Achievements of which I am proud

Have learned to use new technologies and try to be at the forefront.

What I learned

Implement facebook in our applications.

What's next for Facebook Events?

Add more functions to generate a ticket to be able to print it. Paper ballot. Synchronize facebook events with the Google calendar. Add a map that shows the location of the events.

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