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Event planning is often inspired by the desire to create a memorable experience for guests, whether it's a wedding, corporate event, charity gala, or other special occasion. Event planning is the desire to bring people together. Events are an opportunity to connect with others, build relationships, and create a sense of community.

Problem Statement:

Vendor management is a critical component of event planning, and problems with vendors can cause significant issues for event planners.

Problem Analysis:

Some common vendor management problems include:

  1. Poor communication: Miscommunication or lack of communication with vendors can result in misunderstandings, delays, or mistakes.

  2. Unreliable vendors: Vendors who are late, don't show up, or provide subpar service can cause significant issues for event planners.

  3. Overbooking: Overbooking vendors can result in conflicts and delays, causing unnecessary stress and headaches for event planners.

  4. Cost overruns: Vendors who charge more than expected can cause budget issues and may require event planners to cut back on other areas of the event.

  5. Quality issues: Vendors who provide low-quality products or services can impact the overall success of an event.


We considered addressing these issues with the help of our project Eventopia. It allows event organisers to manage vendor details, contracts, payments, and schedules, as well as communicate with vendors and track their performance.

Challenges we ran into :

  1. Installing Docker and integrating Appwrite
  2. Hosting website in Github-pages
  3. Time Management

Why Eventopia?

It is designed for vendor management, offer several benefits to event planners. Here are some of the reasons why Eventopia?

  1. Efficiency: Using an online app for vendor management can help streamline the vendor management process and make it more efficient. It can help event planners manage multiple vendors, track vendor details, and communicate with vendors in one place, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

  2. Organization/Collaboration: Managing vendors for an event can be complex, with multiple details to track, including contracts, payments, and schedules. Eventopia can help keep all of this information organized and easily accessible, reducing the risk of confusion or mistakes.

  3. Cost savings: Using Eventopia for vendor management can help event planners save money by reducing the need for manual processes, such as printing and mailing contracts, invoices, and other documents. It can also help prevent costly errors or oversights.

  4. Communication: It includes communication tools, such as messaging or chat features, which can help event planners stay in touch with vendors throughout the planning process. This can help ensure that everyone is on the same page and prevent misunderstandings or delays.

What we learnt?

  1. We learnt to use Docker which is a prerequisite for using Appwrite.
  2. For the first time, we tried our hands on Appwrite, which is backend-as-a-service platform.
  3. Hosting website in Github-pages.
  4. We learnt on how to manage our time and work in a team.


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