Our team enjoys organizing social events for our faculty such as Sushi meetups! Whenever we run these events we always use Facebook events and get a different amount of people that show up compared to the amount of people that say "going" or "interested".

What it does

Evento builds off a connection tree of the persons users that select either interested or going. After building this database, based on a point system, it ranks all the individuals based on whether they are likely to show up or not.

The status of going gives a person certain score, and the status of interested another one. Do some calculations including mutual friendships on top of the current points and a final score can be calculated.

How we built it

The back-end was purely built on python and stored in neo4j. The front-end is an Electron app built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

Obtaining the data from Facebook was by far the biggest challenge since an automated browser had to be built using chrome puppeteer.

What's next for Evento

Event management capabilities such as event creation, messaging to guests.

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