Every time when you go on to event finder like EventBrite , all you usually see is either famous concerts happening or some major parade or rave coming up. There isn't really visibility for small events such as like info sessions, club meeting or charity events. They are usually overshadowed by the big events happening around them and EventBrite tends to feature more of those events.

What it does

Event Map will allow user to check out near by events happening around them. This application is mainly targeted towards people such as students, family and organizations. For example, if you want to create a welcoming party for campus students, one can easily utilize this applications to create an event. Another case where if you are a throwing a charity events for a good cause and you can create an event. This application is not meant to be a mainstream event finder such as EventBrite. It is mainly for local communities.

How I built it

Using Django as a backend and heroku to parse our data. Using sketch to design the UI and use Xcode with swift to build the content and implement the design.

What I learned

There isn't much time to finish the app from start to end. Next time we will think of a hackathon appropriate theme idea and build an app that is also unique but doesnt take that much time.

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