We wanted to make an easy to use event map.

What it does

It shows events in a specified radius around a specified location (e.g. your living place).

How we built it

Dominik and Johannes built the Frontend with Bootstrap and JavaScript/jQuery. Mirko built, with the help of node.js, a scraper for to get a solid event database which we can further build on. Kevin took care of the Backend and handled it by developing a REST-API based on slimframework and propelorm for object-relation database access.

Challenges we ran into

The calculation for getting events in a specified radius is not very transparent for non-mathemathicians and it was easy to get lost in the formulas.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although every member developed mostly on their own, all our components were easy to integrate into each other.

What we learned

Building a web application in a team is not an easy task, but with a good distribution of the work and much communication it's a nice way to develop.

What's next for eventmap

Cleaning up some code and implementing more functions (e.g. letting a website visitor add new events and letting administrators/moderators manage events in an easy-to-use admin-dashboard).

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