When we came in the morning, one of the problems that we noticed was the lack of order at the moment of searching for all the participants in the database, later we though we could fix this problem not just in the major league of hacking, we can make things easier for everyone willing to make an event.

What it does

In simple words it makes things easier for you when you need to make an event and you have a lot of guests in your list, you will never need to worry about sending emails, checking everyone pass, etcetera, we'll do that for you!

How we built it

It's a simple API made on the popular nodejs framework: sailsjs, then a device based on arduino connected to the API is in charge of validate the guests

Challenges we ran into

As you may noticed there are only two people in the team, my friend Daniel and I, this is our first hackaton and in the beginning we ran into lots of trouble because we had misunderstandings with other people that first were in the team, so we split up and make different projects

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of came all this long in this two-people team, we worked as hard as we could, and i'm sure next time we're going to work even harder and have greater ideas

What we learned

A lot of things, was so cool to test things like the oculus rift or the leap motion, and imagine that we can use those things in our projects it's really amazing

What's next for EventMaker

Maybe be finished (?) by now it's just an API You can check all the documentation in the following link:

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