Hospitality is perhaps one of the most important factors in establishing a positive experience for hotel guests. There are many ways to accomplish this, but how can we use technology to take things to the next level? While pondering this question, I was inspired to make a web dashboard app for hotel staff to show guests what events & entertainment nearby. The idea struck me when I remembered staying at a random hotel in Ohio, and having no idea what was going or where all the cool parties/events were. Now, no one needs to have this problem :)

What it does



Simply put, EventLeaf pulls events & entertainment that are going on near the hotel property, and shows it to the hotel staff member checking in guests. The staff member can recommend events OR click PRINT and print out a fully-formatted leaflet brochure to hand to the guest. This enhances the guest's experience tremendously. Now it feels like they are staying at a resort that has tons of entertainment opportunities-- whether or not the events are actually affiliated with the hotel.

How I built it

First I tapped into the HAPI Repository API to pull hotel guest profile + preferences data from the Oracle Opera Cloud API. Then I used the property location to pull nearby events from Eventbrite's Event Search API. Lastly, I used the guest's date of birth to perform some predictive analysis and sort the events by most-likely to be enjoyed by the guest. In the future, this predictive analysis is going to grow more in-depth and include alot of factors.

Challenges I ran into

My biggest challenge was authenticating with the API's but that was fixed thanks to help from the HAPI and Oracle staff members at the hackathon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to be creating something that enhances hotel guests' experiences & introduces a little fun in their life.

What I learned

I learned how important hospitality is, and how simple it can be to create big strides in the hospitality experience.

What's next for EventLeaf

Next we are going to improve our event recommendation engine by including my variables in our predictive analysis algorithm. Stay tuned!

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