================ Sometimes event organizations cannot reach the right target audience and sometimes need an external platform to reach a wider range of audience. Moreover, most of the organizer needs to collect reviews from the audience who attended their events to measure the level of satisfaction and to perform necessary enhancement in the future events.

On the other hand, Events seekers are always looking for events that match their interest to expand their knowledge and gain wider experience relevant to their interest and demand. Having a mobile app that links between event organizers and event seekers who share similar interests and would provide event recommendations based on users specific interest and purchase pattern is a potential success factor for a mobile app that targets Saudi events.

What it does

================ Eventise is an android app that links events seekers with event organizers. Event’s organizers can add through the app their event specifying important information related to the event such as venue, time, date, ticket selling points, and can get a review for the events.

Eventise would serve event seekers by recommending precise events to users based on their inserted interests. Moreover, to grantee to link the user to their real interest in which Eventise would analyze the purchase activities and habits of users and would recommend events to the user related to their personal purchasing activities. Also, another feature that Eventise would provide is a nearby event recommendation based on the user location to fasten reaching events. Moreover, a user can evaluate the attended event through the app in a very friendly way.

How we built it

================ Eventise app built using android studio for coding and create interfaces. Also, is used for designing the prototype.

Challenges we ran into

================ The challenges we faced through the project is mainly due to the limited time assigned to submit the prototype project and a main complete working function.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

================ We proud that we have a made a complete business model canvas for Eventise and we have done all the interfaces of the app that would facilitate the app visualization pattern. Moreover, we completed coding the main function of the app that will analyze the purchasing SMS text to recommend events for users based on their purchase patterns

What we learne

================ As forming the team members who each have different skills and come from different backgrounds such as business, marketing, programming and design, we learned from each other skills and deliverables.

What's next for Eventise

================ Eventise can be expanded in the future to involve advertisements for products and services and provide recommendations based on user interest.

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