We are looking for events that match to our personality all the time, so we can have a good time attending that event. So, inspiration for this project was totally based on our needs, what we as students or an individual might be interested in nowadays.

What it does

So, what our project does is it recognizes the personality of an individual using the Myers Briggs Personality Test through a set of questions. After we get the personality of that person based on some basic traits, we recommend them events that are happening or going to happen nearby and display them on the Google Map.

How we built it

For the backend we built a Python Script (like a Cron job) which runs an API call using the predicthq website which tells us the events that are happening nearby based on the location all over US and returns the name as well as latitude and longitude of the location for the events and stores them in MongoDB Atlas cluster, then using MongoDB Stitch we parse the JSON data to display the events on our Frontend and we query the specific data using the result obtained from the Myers Briggs Test quiz which gives the personality of a person.

Challenges we ran into

Using MongoDB to store the data and connecting the backend with the frontend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to build a full-fledged website in a day.

What we learned

Most of the technologies used by our team were new for all the team members, so we learned a lot of things.

What's next for Eventiplicity

Maybe feedback from users, getting discount coupons for events and much more.

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