On the day of the Hack, it came to my team that we needed an idea to help the world and provide convenience for all. The night before,my team and I went to a party and that was pretty fun and entertaining but it could have been more entertaining had it been advertised properly instead of word of mouth and or social media feeds that most people don't see. The app is designed to plan parties and display them for all to see. It is quite simple and user friendly. Each person creates an account and is provided the ability to create post and has a feed that updates them on the latest parties. It also features Google Matrix that facilitates the users in searching for the parties that are near them or in any distance that they are able to reach. The app was made in Android Studio and used Parse as our database for storage. The toughest part of our project was implementing the Google Matrix and the locations system of the app but we were able to push through. We also thought that it would be cool to add an "attend" button for each event that is posted and it is kept count of to show the event host how many people planned to attend. We were proud to actually produce a finished project that actually works and is available for use. Going into the project, we decided to do it in Android but we found out that only one person was familiar with Android but we all found it necessary to get it together and help each other learn the syntax of Java and make things work. We all aren't proficient in Android development but learning different aspects of the tool and bringing it all together with team work and communication brought us some level of success. We have done what we can with the project in the limited time but this is not the limit for Evention. Evention can be so much better with different features like adding user-comments and uploading photos and flyers but for now, we are quite content with what we have accomplished. Good Job team!!!

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