The challenge of the hackathon to make a finished product in limited amount of time inspired us!

What it does

The Eventinator allows hosts of an event to make pages describing their events. Users can join meetings. The hosts can view the members and accordingly plan ahead. In the future the hosts will be able to send forms to the members and the members will be able to chat amongst each other.

How we built it

For the frontend we used the Bulma framework and in the backend the Sanic framework apart from the frameworks, we use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python.

Challenges we ran into

Our planning wasn't enough and we ran into time problems. Ultimately we weren't able to finish the project. The backend was more complex than we were used to, figuring it out took some time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a good looking site in a short amount of time with a good backend.

What we learned

Planning is important. What is even more important is managing time while building. A complete project with imperfect webpages is better than an incomplete project with a single perfect page

What's next for Eventinator

We'll keep working on the Eventinator as we had intended. Upcoming features:

  1. Being able to view the events
  2. Hosts can send forms to members
  3. A chatroom for members and the host to discuss the event

P.S Due to lack of time, we were unable to merge the dashboard-page branch to the main branch. dashboard-page branch is the up-to-date branch.

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