There are many different events at a conference. It’s sometimes difficult to know where all the events occur, when they do, and of what type of event they are. And it doesn’t help that each conference has it’s own formatting of schedules. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the events shown, based on timings, and on what the event they are so you can plan your day according?

What it does

It’s a universal app to see schedules from events such as conferences. It takes the conference information from a database, and displays it on an iOS app. It separates the events based on what time they start at, shows them a descriptive tag (i.e food, workshop) of each one, what location/venue they are in, and it shows the duration of the event. When you click an event, it will show you a more detailed description of that event, with the tag, time, location and duration of the event.

How we built it

  • For mobile we used React Native and Redux (all in ES6)
  • For backend we used Ruby on Rails

Challenges I ran into

  • Debugging React Native can be a very painful experience.
  • Half of our team was debugging a cryptic error message where there was no support online, for about an hour.
  • Rails is so magical, we basically wrote no backend
  • Postgresql setup is easy unless you’ve been told to do 50 unnecessary steps from a tutorial
  • Researching rails magic for 30mins just to configure 5 characters

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got to learn some new technologies, architectures, and for one of us this was our first hackathon!

What I learned

McHacks doesn’t have much food, bring your own food next time (I still love you guys, but a man’s gotta eat)

What's next for eventify

More personalized schedules, based off of the main schedule of the event. Making it easier to keep track of the workshop/talks you want to attend. A conference organizer facing app to create schedules.

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