There previously has been no application, be it web or mobile, that can allow the attendees to get a feel of the event by means of interacting with the organizer/other attendees or anticipate the possible hype for the event. There are also very limited number of apps that allow an attendee to check in for an event when they are close by. In order to tackle these issues, my team and I came up with the idea of Eventify.

What it does

Eventify provides a single and simple platform for event organizers and event attendees by using real-time location. There are several distinct functionalities available for Event Organizers and Event Attendees.

Event Organizers: Create events and have it displayed on the map. See attendee analytics(hype feature) on our web portal. Discussion Forum for Event Organizers.

Event Attendees: Events separated into categories to narrow the list of options available. See a realtime updated event list near you including the level of interest expressed. Discussion Forum for Event Attendees.

How we built it

We decided to build two versions of Eventify : a web version and a mobile version.

Web Version:

  • We built it using HTML5, CSS and Javascript.
  • For identifying the events in a specific area, we made use of the google maps api. Once an event was created, the user could publish it to any of the social networks that they prefer if they wish to do so.
  • We mainly worked on the UI on the web version incorporating random data to generate the event locations/description, discussion forum, attendee analytics and event categories.

Android Version:

  • Multiple fragments were used to incorporate the app's functionalities.
  • Google's Material Design and Templates were used to define a "modern" UI.

Challenges we ran into

All three of us are first time hackers, and therefore we were unsure of what exactly needs to be completed prior to submitting our project. We all had various ideas that we would like to have implemented while we were working on Eventify but due to time constraints, we had to cut down on several of our ideas. Determining which ideas to continue to proceed and which ones to pursue in the future was quite challenging for all three of us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The three of us are proud of the way we have designed our UI. We feel that it does satisfactory justice to the way we had initially envisioned the app to be. Being first time hackers, we are pretty much new to the whole experience of using multiple API's and various frameworks but we feel that we were able to pull it off with much ease.

What we learned

All three of us learned a great deal of using API's especially the Google Maps API, Facebook Login API(android version) and Google Login API. We tried incorporating other API's as well but we didn't have the time to finish it completely. Those who worked on the web version learnt a whole lot of the web development framework especially Bootstrap. We also familiarized ourselves on the fundamentals of the Firebase API as we would like to use it in the future so that we could store all the real time data of the events on a secure server.

What's next for Eventify

  • Surprise Me feature that suggests events the user can attend depending on previous preferences or otherwise.
  • Check-In feature that enables a person to prove that they are definitely attending the event once at a distance of 40 metres from the event. And, once checked in, a QR code would be generated on the individual's phone. This would greatly help the organizers to keep a track on who attended the event.
  • Providing the option to book places for Event Organizers. We hope to provide a real-time updated list of places that people can book for their events on the application to make the process of Event Planning even more simplified. We'd like to increase the scale of our project such that the map generated to shows events that are not only created on Eventify but elsewhere. So, users will have a complete experience of what is happening around their area.
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