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Xrpl-Eventify is a MERN stack application that contains functionality to allow event organisers to mint and distribute Attendance NFTs on the XRP Ledger. The core parts of this application consist of a React frontend, Express backend, Rest API (nftRoutes.js), and XrplNFTHelper.js.

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To create a single unified platform for hosting awesome events with ease, that will have all the features like registration, attendance system, dashboard, marketing and on ledger.

We have used local storage for storing data. we had mongo functions to interact whenever we want to change local storage to mongo.

XummApi.js consists of 11 REST API endpoints and will allow the developer to build on top a marketplace for NFT owners and minters to trade and sell their NFTs utilizing the XUMM Wallet and Pinata IPFS solution.

What it does :

  1. View the latest events.
  2. Minting/Creating the events.
  3. Cancelling/Burning the events.
  4. Creating and Getting event tickets or passes
  5. Minting tickets
  6. Dedicated Event Page

1. View the latest events.

your latest events

It fetches the nfts of the user from the blockchain/on chain then from the metadata it gets the hexadecimal encoded Nft URI then converts back to human readable uri(which is a ipfs hosted file link) from the Pinata IPFS.

2. Minting/Creating the events.

your latest events Creating events are so easy with Xumm wallet. Once you filled the details, the Qr is shown up.

Just scan and mint easily creation payment

Once you created the event, you can easily view in explore page

3. Cancelling/Burning the events.

Click on Cancel/ Delete event option. burn nft

Scan , pay and hurray your event has been deleted.

4. Creating and Getting event tickets or passes

manage tickets

You can manage events like creating tickets, minting them and in future transferring them.

5. Minting tickets

We are currently working on it. As to bulk mint we need to manually sign all the transaction , or mint on the other behalf but they need to trust each other.

6. Dedicated Event Page

manage tickets

You can watch the event and mark the presence.

How we built it

We have used the NodeJS with express as a backend service, React JS as a client service which will interact with the user and local storage as a database for POC.

** Architecture**

1. Updating address

2. Explore Page

3. Mint NFT

4. Burn NFT

Complete Architecture

Challenges we ran into

Displaying image is a tough task as Image URL(NFT URI) is encoded as hexadecimal as it conversion is needed for the XRPL on chain transaction.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to create, delete and view our events on our platform.

What we learned

We haved how to use XRPL 20 Nft including the minting, burning, creating sell order , buy order and transfer to another account. Apart from the XRP, I have learned the basics of IPFS, Vercel as a edge function to deploy our node backend and github pages for the React frontend.

What's next for Eventify

  1. To store the meta data in json on ipfs or mongo database.
  2. Proof of attendance if the user has joined the event or not.
  3. Task like twitter like, retweets, and join socials to be incorporated ine the future.

Quarter wise plan

  1. April 2023- June 2023 -> Focus on Product stability : Integrate the Mongo and using the IPFS to hold the metadata unlike only the image,dedicated event page.
  2. July 2023- September 2023 -> Integration of social profiles like twitter, Instagram , discord and telegram
  3. October 2023- December 2023 -> User authentication, session management, moderation, marketing, and social events.

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