People are having trouble planning events with their friends

App description

Allows you to easily plan events and invite people with a code. We did all this without using any API!

Tools used

We used react-native to make the app

Problems along the way

  • We couldn't come up with an idea really fast
  • had trouble with specific libraries

What we are proud of

  • Finishing the app in time
  • Having a good presentation

What we learned

  • We learned how to use react-native
  • Make good presentations
  • Time management

Future plans

We plan to take feedback from judges and users and implement them into our app. We then plan to publish it on the app stores.

Go to the website

How to use(Bug with the snack)

  • Click on the website
  • Navigate to useful links
  • Click Expo
  • Test it!

Downloading our app(Working)!

  • To download the project, you will have to download the GitHub repository and use the expo client to run it on your phone. (Instructions below if you need help.)
  • Downloading the project:
    1. Download the GitHub repository then unzip.
    2. Open a folder in your code editor (eg. VSCode).
    3. Download npm if not already installed and run npm install in the command prompt inside the project folder.
    4. Run npm install --global expo-cli in the command prompt in the folder.
    5. Download Expo Go on your mobile phone.
    6. Run expo start in the command prompt in the folder, scan the QR Code, and open it.
    7. The app should open in the Expo Go app!

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