Inspiration - Have you ever missed out on an awesome event simply because you didn't know it was going on? There are so many websites to find events and only some of them actually get posted on facebook or the other popular event listing websites such that you actually have to invest a long time searching for something interesting to do. What if there was a more convenient option to find things to do on and off campus so that you always had something to look forward to doing with your friends after class or work?

What it does - Event Hunter aggregates events from multiple different websites and offers a unique "Random Roulette" option so you can always discover new, exciting events to do in Boston!

How I built it - We utilized python, javascript, bootstrap, MySQL, and third-party APIs to develop the platform to be as simple to use for the end user.

Challenges I ran into - Parsing through API metadata and handling odd or unique values to be more relevant and useable to us "meat bags." We also ran into challenges hooking our server side code to the client side system due to time and complexities with generated frontend code from a tool we just learned.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - For our first-ever hackathon, our team just met each other and quickly assembled this idea from scratch. The fact that we were able to develop and debug our project into a "usable" state has been reassuring that we can continue to build upon what we started.

What I learned - How complete strangers can come together and not only bring unique skills to a project, but also how we can learn from each other and explore alternative methods.

What's next for Event Hunter - Continue to add more event listing websites including schools event calendars as well. We will look into integrating with social platforms to make it easy to create and share events and explore building personalized event recommendations with predictive analytics.

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