Montreal, Toronto, or wherever - there's always something happening but how can you find out about it?

What it does

EventGo is like the Yelp of real time events. It connects users with events in their city providing metrics to see how popular the events are in real time.

How we built it

We built EventGo using the SEAN stack (MEAN - Mongo + MySQL). To create out map interface we used the Google Maps API.

Challenges we ran into

Creating a system to monitor the population of events has proven difficult. However we believe that we have developed a reliable process using regular POST requests to monitor location.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team of noobies with varied skill sets we managed to create an idea and follow it through, learning a lot along the way.

What we learned

CSS is not your friend. Also, make sure you close your tabs when you're testing ;)

What's next for EventGo

Add a portal for promoters to add events. Include Facebook integration to allow users to have personal events listed. Incorporate other cities.

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