EventGlance lets you: track your events in one place, organize your event invites, search for events by area and manage your event notifications.

A lightning-fast way to sort through event invitations Your e-mail is constantly bombarded with invitations from friends, co-workers and companies to an endless stream of events. Rather than allowing those invites to sit in e-mail limbo, EventGlance quickly sorts through them. With the swipe of a finger, delete events you’re not interested in attending, forward the invitation to friends, or hold onto them for yourself.

Features that easily manage your schedule Keeping your calendar clutter-free is an arduous task. EventGlance simplifies things by only showing you the most important information from each event in a 30-character message. Search and subscribe to events by location, sync the event with your calendar and see if your friends will be there.

Event invites just got personal again After using EventGlance, you’ll start receiving invitations only to those events in which you’re interested. Stop getting that weekly e-mail from your old high school friend who wants you to see his or her band perform 1000 miles away from where you now live. EventGlance adapts to you and what you care about.

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