Flyers are an important part of our event planning. So are our calendars. But often times flyers are too cumbersome and ineffective, and we are too lazy to constantly update our calendars. This is where this project comes in.

What it is

EventEyes is an Android application converts an image of a flyer into a calendar event.

What it does

EventEyes prompts the user to take a photo, scans the photo, analyzes the data using an OCR, parses the given data and determines the most relevant data to the best of its ability. The user may also see events that are most popular in the public.

How it's made and components

Front end: Java

Back end: Javascript and Microsoft Azure

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we ran into was setting up and connecting to Microsoft Azure.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to read and actually parse an image. This is also our first time using Android Studio so we are very proud of creating a simple yet aesthetically pleasing UI.

What we learned

We did not know much going in, so we ended up learning about Android Studio, how to set up Microsoft Azure and get a voting system going on our app.

What's next for EventEyes

We will continue to improve upon our program and compete in future events where we add on features.

Eye Design for our Logo

Eye graphic by Freepik from Flaticon is licensed under CC BY 3.0. Made with Logo Maker

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