You already know Infusionsoft is awesome. But all the greatness of Infusionsoft is left behind when you run in-person events, conferences and meetings.

You use Infusionsoft to capture the Attendee Registration, and maybe send a confirmation email. But then you're done. EventDay brings all the goodness of your Infusionsoft mindset to in-person events to track everything your attendees do within your event, AND adds revenue opportunities for you to be more profitable.

What does EventDay Bring?

Live email, SMS reminders and communication to help the attendee get to your event. Imagine automatically sending a text message to all attendees with the venue address just 2 hours before registration opens so that everyone has the information on hand. Imagine personalized WELCOME text message to each attendee sent 30 seconds after they check in. WOW - That is a great welcoming feeling to open your event.

Once on site, we can now track everything your attendee does including sessions they visit, sponsors and booths. How they're feeling about your content based on built in evaluations. All along the way tagging the contact record in Infusionsoft so you can uniquely target and message each participant.

What about Sales?

Events are all about selling. Sell more with EventDay using our Back-of-the-Room sales module. We bring in Electronic order forms using the Infusionsoft API. This offers super fast sales. Just scan the attendee badge to lookup the contact record, and then charge against credit cards on file. Get a real time approve/deny message when the transaction is placed. NO MORE PAPER ORDER FORMS

How we built it

EventDay is built on best of breed cloud architecture using both Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. EventDay is also proven in the marketplace with over 5 years of industrial strength use by enterprise as well as small businesses. With our focus and integration with Infusionsoft, we have serviced over a million attendees at thousands of events.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We simply make everyone's lives easier. Event owners. Speakers. Sponsors. Attendees. Everyone.

No more lines. No more printing 100's of badges the week before your event. No more error prone manual processes. Just rock solid automation and integration with Infusionsoft.

  • Make more money with your Events
  • Automate In Person Events with Your Infusionsoft
  • Print Name Badges on Demand
  • Use IPads to Check In Users as they arrive
  • Back of Room Sales with RealTime CC Auth/Deny
  • Integrated Email and Text Message
  • Session Scheduling w/ Built In Evaluations
  • Coaching Zone and Side Meeting Scheduler
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