The event ticket system for Bitcoin Wednesday sucks

What it does

Make it super easy to buy tickets for events with Bitcoin, and easy to verify at the door that a ticket is valid and paid, without requiring trust in a third party.

How I built it

We built a webapp that allows users to buy tickets, and even hosts to validate these tickets at event checkin.

Whenever a user wants to pay for a ticket. we generate a new address for that order. We have a Bitcoin Cash node that tracks payments to that address, and once it is paid, we send the user a token they can use to show at the event to prove his payment.

The host can use the app to scan the user's token during event checkin, and validate that the payment has been made and the ticket is valid.

Challenges I ran into

We only had limited developers and time to build the app, with no preparation or previous experience developing with BCH. The app itself has quite a few features and components, including things we have never done before such as scanning and generating QR codes, so getting everything ready within the limited time was a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app works

What's next for EventCash

We want to develop the app into a service that event hosts can use to sell tickets for events with cryptocurrencies. We want to accept a wide range of currencies, and add features such as price stability (in fiat denominations), more complex orders, and more options for event hosts to configure ticket options.

At least get Bitcoin Wednesday to use this solution so we can pay for tickets without problems. :)

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