We believe technology should connect people together, and allow us to get out of our comfort zone. So we came up with random ideas that focused on the premise of socially connecting strangers together. Then it hit us! An app that connects users based off of personality traits and similar interested events.

What it does

In the process of registration, users are asked to fill out a personality questionnaire. After registration is complete users can look through a database of local events, and see lists of users attending those events. The users are filtered from most similar to least according to the user's interests, allowing users to message and chat with the most likeable people. From there the user can find other users to attend events with.

How I built it

Backend: AWS EC2 Flask Firebase PredictHQ

Client-side: Android Studio Twillo Programmable Chat

Challenges I ran into

-Incorporating chat into app was rough -Firebase structure with python wrapper wasn't supported that well -Generating users with bitmap image to base 64 string on backend didn't workout that well

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole entire app: -User management system on the server side -In app chat -UI/UX Design

What I learned

-Database user management -Chat room creation

What's next for EventBuddy

Expanding it to an IOS platform

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