My father was an interesting man; he was born a shoemaker but had such a love for bicycles. But after constant words of discouragement, he abandoned it. Until I revived his dream with this project.

What it does

Well, let me explain. It gives Eventbrite events in Dorchester. Enough said.

How we built it

We built this project on the backbones of the Python web framework Flask, the dynamic web language JavaScript, and HTML/CSS.

Challenges we ran into

"Everything" - Brandon Chen. This sums it up. We were jumping into this project with lots of ambition and eagerness to use these new technologies in an effort to solve a small problem in a big world.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm very proud that we, at the very least, were able to combine different technologies that seemed infeasible to combine. We got a taste of the good stuff; now we won't stop.

What we learned

Boston Hacks needs more fruit snacks. Flask is trash; React all the way. We need more time to make this "write."

What's next for EventBikes

Just like they say it in Spanish: "Despacito. Ya tu sabes." Hopefully, we will matured in our skills so that our next endeavor could have some more success.

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