As many people these days, we were struggling with the need to find nearby cultural or academic events those were organized in the neighbourhood of our homes. Also, we were disappointed how much inpersonalized the current solutions are. Assuming our needs, we created something that is going to satisfy not just ours, but also everybody's basic demand for quick and elegant information.

What it does

Eventable is a calendar which you always wanted. It collects data you really want to know about. The filter tabs lets you easiely and fast fetch through a number of events those could be interesting for you. With a further coming feature, you will be able to create and share events with your friends and family.

How we built it

We used recent web technologies like Responsive Web Design that is wrapped with AngularJS and jQuery additionally. A database with records that is ran on MySQL and backed with a very smooth Node server.

Challenges we ran into

We've faced many obstacles on our road to finishing the project. From these common ones to very nasty and enourmously annoying ones. In the end, we were able to finish planned features with a great satisfaction.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very proud about the designed we've achieved. The web application follows all the RWD approaches and has nice intuitive user interface.

What we learned

Although, we were through such events before (the app was created during AGHacks 2015), we have discovered that simple applications might escalate their size unexpectedly fast. This is why 48h with the least amount of sleep was barely enough to finish what we wanted to have achieved.

What's next for Eventable

The are plenty of features which we would like to implement. Some of them were pointed in "What it does" and are still to be implemented, rather than currently available. Yet, we hope to find free time to extend our application's possibilities in as near future as possible.

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