Event Bot

Facebook Messenger Bot for Finding and Filtering Facebook Events

Many students often wonder what events are occurring around campus. Whether it be club meetings, guest speakers, or other sorts of info-sessions, many students would like a reliable way to efficiently find events. Often, students resort to their Facebook newsfeed to see what events their friends are interested in. However, this is often unreliable, and not an ideal way to integrate these events into students' already busy schedules. Our solution to this is Event Bot. Event Bot is a Facebook Messenger chat bot that allows students to find events they are interested in by giving specific criteria to the bot. By specifying keywords such as "software" or "food," the university of interest, as well as other factors such as the times of the events, students can narrow down the list of events they wish to attend. Event Bot takes this criteria and generates a list of Facebook events for students to peruse.

Event Bot is a Node.js web application deployed on Heroku. Data regarding a user's preferences is stored using Google Firebase's real-time cloud database. The application interacts with Facebook's Graph API to obtain metadata about Facebook events, as well as Facebook's Messenger API to handle the bot's interaction with the user.

Since this is a Facebook Messenger application in development, the bot only responds to Facebook users who are developers for the application. We have submitted the code for your perusal, but we would be happy to demo our application during the expo.

Thank you, and go Bears!

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