What it does

This project allows visualizing and navigating through events in a tree where the nodes of the events are filled with their image.

We have a scroll bar that contains the years and for each year, we got a tree where each node contain a month that contains all events in this month. When clicking on a given node it collapses and shows us the sub-nodes that have the information about the event such as description, geo, ...

How I built it

This module is built using the D3 and Sly JavaScript libraries.

Challenges I ran into

The elaboration of the idea and the search for an adequate tool for such a task.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The concretization of the idea

What I learned

Challenge allow us to increase productivity and improve the way of thinking

Discovering a new ways of visualization

What's next for Event Time Visualisation

Enhancement of the agronomy and adding more functions for the proposed module


Event with geolocation -> theme Purple -> theme Brown

GitHub Repo


Built With

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