Blockchain has taken the world by storm, everything is slowly moving towards decentralized applications and crypto,NFT is slowly becoming the currency of the future. People also cherish events they have been part of or attended, creating NFTs for the same would be a really cool way to show them to the world and can also be a collector item of the future similar to how the 90s concert tickets have now become a collectible.

What it does

We allow an organizer to easily create an NFT by specifying the total no of tickets available and the cost of each ticket, with some extra meta data. Once the NFT is created, anyone with a decentralized identity with ether in it will be able to buy the tickets by transferring the ethers to the creator of the event. A sample dashboard of the event is created, with hopes of it leading many more advances in the future.

How we built it

We used truffle and solidity to build the smart contract which can be deployed in any test network or mainnet. A nodeJs Microservice which act as a mediator between our Dapp and the smart contract An angular application through which an user can view the required information

Challenges we ran into

Finding out how smart contract can be connected with NodeJs APIs directly and also angular connecting with the meta mask to fetch account info.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a sample POC for the above given statement overcoming the challenges mentioned above

What we learned

What's next for event-ticket-nft

Improve the UI/UX, improve the smart contract to allow multiple events to be added through the same solidity code (contract) without having to deploy multiple NFT contract

PS: couldnt make the video on time. Added a temporary placeholder video of UB Hacking

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