After waiting in long lines to get into conferences, hackathons, concerts, and other events, we decided that there should be a better way to streamline the check-in/registration process.

What it does

event.cntxt uses Estimote beacons to streamline event check-in/registration and gather relevant and useful information about event attendance. The data collected is displayed in an online web application that the event host can log on and view. In addition, we integrated the Lyft API to allow attendees to request rides to the event from the mobile application.

How I built it

We built the web application using JavaScript, HTML5, SCSS and Angular.js. The mobile application was developed using the Android SDK and Java. Both parts use Firebase to store back end data.

Challenges I ran into

-Using AngularMaterial.js to style the web app -Setting up the Firebase database

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Lyft API integration -Creating a material design inspired website

What I learned

-Angular -SCSS

What's next for event.cntxt

In the future, we want to add push notifications through the mobile app so that event hosts can get information out to attendees quickly. We also want to analyze more data for display through the online web app for event hosts to utilize.

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