Loans are hard But B.LAB has the solution for you.

B.LAB is the way to gather a listing of loan offerings based on your specific profile. Just save your settings and for any purchase you wish to finance, just drop the price in the search, and we handle the rest! (powered by Even Financial)

Login Page

On this page, you should input all of your information so we can match you with the best loan option. Most of the option blanks will provide a list of options for your ease.

After submitting your information, you are always able to adjust your details on the user information page. Sliding to the about page reveals infomation about us and who we are. Check us and our API Sponsor, Even Financial, out!

Sliding all the way to the right is where the magic happens. If you are wishing to finance an expensive vacation, you can input an estimated cost into the search box. Our complex algorithms along with our API partners will find the best options from the top loan insitututions in the country.

Based on your personal profile, you will be listed with a select amount of offers in which you can scroll through and interact with. If an offer comes up that you might be interested in, click on the offer to be sent to a third party page (We are no longer in control at this point and thus not liable).

If you would like to index this search query for viewing details later, then simply click the plus icon and stash this offer under a name. Now on the search page, you will be able to search through all your saved offers and clicking on them will allow you to view them at any time (even offline). You can also search for new offers on other purchases.


Fly to Seattle and drive to our house. Here, we can hook our laptops into your phones and load the app. Then, you are all set! (Note: for any updates, you must fly back to Seattle.)

$ fly-to-seattle drive-to-UW install app-on-visual-studios hope-that-build-passes

Unfinished / Future Thoughts

  • Search up the loan company and provide some info for the user to read and understand
  • Deliver more information about their loans including description and company logos
  • Provide more introspection on the loan itself by calculating whether the loan is a good option or not by analyzing the options
  • Provide services to track loan progress and notifcations to remind the user to pay a monthly payment and suggest refinancing if needed.


We heavily used the Evan Financial API to gather the aggregate data from loan insitutation and relayed the information through a mobile app.

We also heavily relied on git, Sublime Text, and Visual Studios C# App Development Suite to build our mobile app experience.


'Ritik Shah' ...

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