This proposal to stop robocalls attacks the problem by using a holistic approach in an effort to make the act of robocalling prohibitively difficult for those that would abuse it. This is accomplished while maintaining the rights of legal robocalls by registered organizations and political campaigns. In addressing this problem, a single solution or approach will be ineffectual. Robocalls are a problem of technology and information abuse that needs to be solved through assistance from the public, modern technology, and intelligent processing of big data.
      By selecting this method, we will introduce a non-intrusive solution that requires virtually no effort from the general public as well as provide a method to quickly identify and subsequently block identified robocalls before the connection with the recipient is made. As an added bonus, select information regarding robocalls will be presented to the general public through marketing and awareness campaigns - increasing awareness of the overall prevalence and distribution of robocalls, while providing a high volume and percentage of blocked calls and prosecuted telemarketers.
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